Georg Kantioler

Georg Kantioler
Dorfstr. 8
I-39040 Velturno 8 (BZ)
tel. +39 335 7602818

Personally, I regard quiet and clear, perfect photos as particularly attractive. That is why I prefer working with an open aperture and longer exposure time. I do not use artificial light at all. More and more I am becoming aware that during taking photos it is highly important to remain calm and to devote oneself completely to the job. Quality photos are not simply snapped, they have to be worked out properly. In order to be able to succeed, it is important to concentrate on the chosen, still simple motif and to maximise it.
Mostly, I work in my home country and I am fully aware that I am only making use of a part of the possibilities available. The reason is not South Tyrol itself. The truth is that the immediate vicinity has more to offer than one may expect. As I live here, I think that there is no other place on this earth where I can better harmonize the always changing conditions of time and place. Obviously, this implies continual intellectual growth so as to recognize new views in the already familiar surrounding.

My most important successes:
Winner of several prizes at international competitions in photographing nature: "Wildlife photogrpapher of the year", “European photographer of nature of the year”, “Glanzlichter”, “Asferico”, “Oasis”. Furthermore, I was given the honour to be a participant of the jury in the competition “European photographer of nature of the year 2010”. Last but not least, several of my photos were bought by “Canon” for advertising purposes.